Making up the foundation of Exercise Institute , and ensuring its success in the industry, are the expert coaches, trainers and team members. Each person brings with them their passion for exercise, their accomplishments and accreditations in the field, and their own goals as athletes.

Each team member possesses a unique combination of skills and matching the right coach/trainer with the right client is the first, and often most important, part of the training process.

Our Team

Johan Borg- rehabilitation scientist, trainer, coach, bike fitter, bike mechanic.

Johan has been involved in triathlon over 10 years and competed at a professional level. Johan has studied both exercise physiology and physiotherapy at Notre Dame to graduate with a rehabilitation science degree. Johan’s experience and interest in endurance sport combined with studies in biomechanics and exercise physiology gives him an excellent knowledge base to draw from for coaching as well as bike fitting. He is also a bike mechanic at Vault cycle services.


Marc Bebich Philip- Exercise Scientist, Strength and Conditioning Coach and Trainer

Marc is a published Exercise Scientist who studied Sport Science, Exercise and Health at UWA completing the double-degree with first class honours in Exercise Rehabilitation. During this time Marc achieved academic excellence and received Convocation of UWA’s Graduates Prize, and Exercise and Sport Science Australia’s Graduating Student of the Year. Marc has extensive experience in the design and implementation of sport-specific training programs for strength, aerobic, anaerobic, speed and flexibility improvement. Marc also has sound movement analysis skills, and knowledge of rehabilitation program design and implementation in the field of musculoskeletal injuries. His work experience spans various populations ranging from children with disabilities to professional athletes, as well as the elderly with special conditions.

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Matt Storer – Exercise Physiologist, Bike Fitter and Trainer

Matt has competed in cycling and triathlon at a national level as a junior athlete and held a WAIS scholarship, however he had to leave elite level sport due to injury.
Since then he took up study in Exercise Science at UWA completing the degree with Honours. During his studies he gave particular interest to the physiology of elite endurance sport as well as the biomechanical basis for injury development, due to his ownown injuries. Matt’s interest in injuries spurred him on to currently study Podiatric Medicine giving him a good understanding and ability to do gait analysis at the Exercise Institute. As well as this he has also done extensive research and reviewing of the scientific literature in order to develop a bike fitting service with the aims of minimising injury risk and maximise performance, based on scientific method and empirical evidence. As well as biomechanical analysis and injury prevention Matt’s understanding of physiology as well as the sport of cycling, and running has given him a sure footing with which to do coaching and create programs.

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